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Animal Communication Services


Do you find yourself drawn to certain animals? Do animals show up in your life in unusual ways? Are you wondering if there is a message for you? The obvious answer is yes! The questions are endless, and in a session with Nada, these questions and more can be answered.

Bridging the Gap

The Animal Kingdom does have messages and insights for us. Nada has the ability to bridge that gap, to bring forward the perceptions and insights from these physical angels.

The loss of our pets can be extremely painful. Nada provides grief counseling for those who are in need of this service. She can provide a broader view of the pet’s process as well as communicate with the deceased pet.


Group Channeling Sessions With the Ascended Masters

Life has a habit of shifting and changing in unexpected ways and many times without warning. When a Shift happens, oftentimes, we are left feeling disoriented, confused, depressed, distrustful, or fearful. Sometimes we may not understand why we have these feelings.


Making sense of life can be challenging. If you are looking for a broader perspective or direction, regeneration, and unconditional love, the group session can give you that experience and more.


You will receive your own personal message and be able to ask a question during each group session.

Through the strength of the group, you will find empathy and connection alongside deep understanding and healing.

How can I help people in my life? What is my spiritual path? What is the meaning of loneliness? How can I find unconditional love? These questions and more can be answered.

Group Sessions will be listed as they are assigned under the Workshops Link. Send a message to Nada by completing the Contact Form to sign up for your own Group Session.

Private Session Channeling/Reading


Energy Therapy


A private session with Nada is set in an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love. It is an opportunity to receive an expanded perception and direction from an Ascended Master. Nada has facilitated past life readings as well as guidance for current life issues.

These private sessions are focused on the recipient’s self-empowerment. The sessions offer an overview or broader perspective around questions that are brought by the recipient. There is always support and opportunity for regeneration.

Send a message to Nada to make an appointment. Please complete the Contact Form for more information.

Individual Energy Work

Nada is a Reiki Master and offers private sessions. In addition, Nada offers several modalities, including Chakra balancing, overall energy balancing, and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) for dealing with issues on the emotional level. She has been given information through various Ascended Masters on expanding and enhancing the energy therapy experience. Many times verbal information comes through Nada during these powerful sessions.

Recipients may have a variety of experiences during the session, from a deep sense of well-being and relaxation to an emotional release. The sessions may also alleviate stress and pain. With Nada’s intuitive process, she will guide you and comfort you to the very center of your emotional and physical needs for healing.

To sign up for appointments, please complete the Contact Form and include a message to Nada stating your needs.

Animal Communication Services

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