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Get To Know Nada

Nada Maibach is an Ordained Minister with the Church of Radiant Lights and is Ordained into the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek. She offers spiritual guidance through channeling Ascended Masters. Nada has channeled throughout the United States and Canada to groups and individuals.

The Channeling Journey

Her channeling journey began with Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Mother Mary and has expanded considerably throughout the years to include the “Designated Dolphin” from Atlantis named Quixno, Thoth, Ramdala, St. Germain, Isis, Quan Yin, Ashtar, Sananda, All That Is (the Universe/Oneness), Metatron, Arch Angel Michael and Others.

Animal Communication

Nada began her work with animal communication, including pets alive and ones that have passed over to the other side, and she works with all species. Animal totems are also a specialty with Nada, as she assists each and every person in being guided through their own animal totem messages. Nada provides grief counseling for those who have pets that have passed over.

Energy Therapy

Through a deep and loving, intuitive process, Nada enables messages to come through each energy work session. Nada is a Reiki Master and additionally offers several modalities in her energy work to include chakra balancing, overall energy balancing for dealing with issues on an emotional/physical level.


Nada facilitates workshops on various subjects such as: Animal Communication, Nature Communication, Communicate with Animal Totems/Shapeshifting, Discover Past Lives, Identify/Communicate with Your Spirit Guides and more.

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