$65.00 for 30 MINUTES 

Individual Energy Work

Energy Therapy

$85.00 for 1 HOUR 

Nada Maibach

Direction For Your Life's Path

Nada is a Reiki Master and offers private sessions. In addition, Nada offers several modalities including Chakra balancing, overall energy balancing and IET (Intergrated Energy Therapy) for dealing with issues on the emotional level. She has been given information through various Ascended Masters on expanding and enhancing the energy therapy experience. Many times verbal information comes through Nada during these powerful sessions. 

Recipients may have a variety of experiences during the session from a deep sense of well being and relaxation, to an emotional release. The sessions may also alleviate stress and pain. With Nada's intuitive process, she will guide you and comfort you to the very center of your emotional and physical needs of healing. 

To sign up for appointments, simply click on the contact link and send a message to Nada stating your needs.