Group Channeling Sessions

With the Ascended Masters

$35.00 For 15 MINUTES

$80.00 For 45 MINUTES


$60.00 For 1/2 HOUR

A private session with Nada is set in an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love. It is an opportunity to recieve an expanded perception and direction from an Ascended Master. Nada has facilitated past life readings as well as guidance for current life issues.

These private sessions are focused toward the recipient's self empowerment. The sessions offer an overview or broader perspective around questions that are brought by the recipient. There is always support and opportunity for regeneration.

Send a message to Nada to make an appointment. Click on contact link for more info. 

Nada Maibach

$90.00 For ONE HOUR

Direction For Your Life's Path

Private Sessions


​​Shift happens-life has a habit of shifting and changing in unexpected ways and many times without warning. When Shift happens, often times we are left feeling disoriented, confused, depressed, distrustful or fearful. Sometimes we may not understand why we have these feelings. 

Making sense out of life can be challenging. If you are looking for a broader perspective or direction, regeneration and unconditional love, the group session can give you that experience and more. 

You will recieve your own personal message and be able to ask a question during each group session. Through the strength of the group, you will find empathy and connection alongside of deep understanding and healing. 

How can I help people in my life? What is my spiritual path? What is the meaning of lonliness? How can I find unconditional love? These questions and more can be answered. 

Group Sessions will be listed as they are assigned under the Workshops Link. Send a message to Nada under the Contact Link to sign up for your own Group Session.

Rate $30.00 per person