$90.00 For ONE HOUR

The Animal Kingdom does have messages and insights for us. Nada has the ability to bridge that gap, to bring forward the perceptions and insights from these physical angels.

Nada Maibach

​​​Pet lovers often wonder if their pet is happy, what their pet is thinking, whether their pet has a purpose in their lives, or why the pet is behaving in certain ways. 

Do you find yourself drawn to certain animals? Do animals show up in your life in unusual ways? Are you wondering if there is a message for you? The obvious answer is yes! The questions are endless and in a session with Nada, these questions and more can be answered.

$35.00 For 15 MINUTES

Animal Communication

Direction For Your Life's Path

$60.00 For 1/2 HOUR

$80.00 For 45 MINUTES

Animal Communication
A Tool to Assist in Understanding Your Animal Companion

The loss of  our pets it can be extremely painful. Nada provides grief counseling for those who are in need of this service. She can provide a broader view of the pet's process as well as communicate with the deceased pet.

Nada offers home visits or phone call sessions for pet owners who wish to have a session for their companion animals.

Contact Nada today to gather the answers you need through animal communication. Simply click on the Contact link for more info.